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See Docker Enterprise 3.0 in Action in Our Upcoming Webinar Series

To showcase all of the capabilities of the platform and highlight what is new in this release, we invite you to join our 5-part webinar series to explore the technologies that make up Docker Enterprise 3.0. You’ll see several demos of the platform and gain a better understanding of how Docker can you help your organization.

TheRead More »

Docker, Docker App, Docker Enterprise, Education, Kubernetes, docker enterprise 3.0, Docker Kubernetes Service, DTR, Image Scanning, webinar

August 8, 2019, by Jenny Fong

Docker Release Party Recap

We Celebrated the Launch of Docker Enterprise 3.0 and Docker 19.03 Last Week Last week, Docker Captain Bret Fisher hosted a 3-day Release Party for Docker 19.03 and Docker Enterprise 3.0. Captains and the Docker team demonstrated some of their favorite new features and answered live audience questions. Here are the highlightsRead More »

Community, Docker, Docker App, Docker Enterprise, buildx, docker 19.03, Docker Applications, docker enterprise 3.0, rootless docker

August 7, 2019, by Jenny Burcio

Accelerate Application Delivery with Application Templates in Docker Desktop Enterprise

Application Templates enable developers to build modern applications using a library of predefined and organization-approved application and service templates, without requiring prior knowledge of Docker commands. By providing re-usable "scaffolding" for developing modern container-based applications, Application Templates accelerateRead More »

Developers, Docker, Docker Desktop, Docker Enterprise, application templates, developer tools, docker enterprise, docker-desktop

July 26, 2019, by Jim Armstrong

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