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Docker Desktop for Windows Home is here!

Last year we announced that Docker had released a preview of Docker Desktop with WSL 2 integration. We are now pleased to announce that we have completed the work to enable experimental support for Windows Home WSL 2 integration. This means that Windows Insider users on 19040 or higher can now install and use Docker […]

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Products, docker-desktop, wsl2

March 5, 2020, by Ben De St Paer-Gotch

Introducing the Docker Index: Insight from the World’s Most Popular Container Registry

8 billion pulls! Yes, that’s billion with a B! This number represents a little known level of activity and innovation happening across the community and ecosystem, all in just one average month. How do we know? From the number of pulls and most popular images to top architectures, data from Docker Hub and Docker Desktop […]

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Company, Products, docker hub, docker-desktop

February 4, 2020, by John Kreisa

January Virtual Meetup Recap: Improve Image Builds Using the Features in BuildKit

This is a guest post by Docker Captain Nicholas Dille, a blogger, speaker and author with 15 years of experience in virtualization and automation. He works as a DevOps Engineer at Haufe Group, a digital media company located in Freiburg, Germany. He is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. In this virtual meetup, I shareRead More »

Community, Products, BuildKit, Docker images

January 28, 2020, by Nicholas Dille

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