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Top 5 Blog of 2018: Improved Docker Container Integration with Java 10

As 2018 comes to a close, we looked back at the top five blogs that were most popular with our readers. For those of you that had difficulties with memory and CPU sizing/usage when running Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in a container, we are kicking off the week with a blog that explains how to get improved Docker container integrationRead More »

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December 24, 2018, by Sophia Parafina

Docker Certified Containers From IBM

The Docker Certified Technology Program is designed for ecosystem partners and customers to recognize containers and plugins that excel in quality, collaborative support and compliance. Docker Certification gives enterprises an easy way to run trusted software and components in containers on Docker Enterprise with support fromRead More »

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December 21, 2018, by Dan Powers

Speak at DockerCon San Francisco 2019 – Call for Papers is Open

  Whether you missed DockerCon EU in Barcelona, or you already miss the fun, connections and learning you experienced at DockerCon – you won’t have to wait long for the next one. DockerCon returns to San Francisco on April 29 and extends through May 2, 2019 and the Call for Papers is now open. We are accepting talkRead More »

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December 21, 2018, by Jenny Burcio

Desigual Transforms the In-Store Customer Experience with Docker Enterprise

  At DockerCon Barcelona, we awarded Desigual with the first ever Rising Star Docker Customer Innovation Award. The Desigual team earned the award by building a brand new in-store shopping assistant application in just 5 months thanks to Docker Enterprise. The digital shopping assistant is already deployed at over 100 stores,Read More »

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December 20, 2018, by David Friedlander

KubeCon NA 2018 Wrap Up: Docker and the Kubernetes Community

    Right on the heels of DockerCon Europe, the Docker team was excited to be a part of KubeCon in Seattle last week for great conversations and collaboration with the Kubernetes community. In addition to our commitment to delivering a simple, integrated experience with Kubernetes in our Docker Desktop and Docker EnterpriseRead More »

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December 19, 2018, by Patrick Chanezon

Introducing the New Docker Hub

Today, we’re excited to announce that Docker Store and Docker Cloud are now part of Docker Hub, providing a single experience for finding, storing and sharing container images. This means that: Docker Certified and Verified Publisher Images are now available for discovery and download on Docker Hub Docker Hub has a new userRead More »

Docker, Docker Hub, Certified images, Docker certified, docker hub, Docker private repository, docker store, public repository

December 13, 2018, by Jeff Morgan

Docker App and CNAB

Docker App is a new tool we spoke briefly about back at DockerCon US 2018. We’ve been working on `docker-app` to make container applications simpler to share and easier to manage across different teams and between different environments, and we open sourced it so you can already download Docker App from GitHub at More »

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December 5, 2018, by Gareth Rushgrove

Announcing Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB)

As more organizations pursue cloud-native applications and infrastructures for creating modern software environments, it has become clear that there is no single solution in the market for defining and packaging these multi-service, multi-format distributed applications. Real-world applications can now span on-premises infrastructureRead More »

community-content, Docker, cloud native, CNAB, distributed applications, docker, docker compose, Kubernetes, microservices, Microsoft

December 4, 2018, by Patrick Chanezon

Simplifying Kubernetes with Docker Compose and Friends

Today we’re happy to announce we’re open sourcing our support for using Docker Compose on Kubernetes. We’ve had this capability in Docker Enterprise for a little while but as of today you will be able to use this on any Kubernetes cluster you choose. Why do I need Compose if I already have Kubernetes? The Kubernetes APIRead More »

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December 4, 2018, by Gareth Rushgrove

Introducing Docker Desktop Enterprise

Nearly 1.4 million developers use Docker Desktop every single day because it is the simplest and easiest way for container-based development. Docker Desktop provides the Docker Engine with Swarm and Kubernetes orchestrators right on the desktop, all from a single install. While this is great for an individual user, in enterpriseRead More »

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December 4, 2018, by Jim Armstrong

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