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Get Ready for the Tech Preview of Docker Desktop for WSL 2

Today at OSCON, Scott Hanselman, Kayla Cinnamon, and Yosef Durr of Microsoft demonstrated some of the new capabilities coming with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2, including how it will be integrated with Docker Desktop. As part of this demonstration, we are excited to announce that users can now sign up for the end of […]

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July 18, 2019, by David Butler

A Secure Content Workflow from Docker Hub to DTR

Docker Hub is home to the world’s largest library of container images. Millions of individual developers rely on Docker Hub for official and certified container images provided by independent software vendors (ISV) and the countless contributions shared by community developers and open source projects. Large enterprises canRead More »

Community, Docker, Docker certified images, Docker container, docker enterprise, docker hub, Docker image scanning, Docker Official Images, Docker security, docker trusted registry

June 27, 2019, by David Hamdani

Build, Share and Run Multi-Service Applications with Docker Enterprise 3.0

Modern applications can come in many flavors, consisting of different technology stacks and architectures, from n-tier to microservices and everything in between. Regardless of the application architecture, the focus is shifting from individual containers to a new unit of measurement which defines a set of containers working togetherRead More »

Docker, Cloud-Native Application Bundle, CNAB, Docker Application, Docker Desktop Enterprise, docker enterprise

June 18, 2019, by Jenny Fong

Docker Tools for Modernizing Traditional Applications

Over the past two years Docker has worked closely with customers to modernize portfolios of traditional applications with Docker container technology and Docker Enterprise, the industry-leading container platform. Such applications are typically monolithic in nature, run atop older operating systems such as Windows Server 2008Read More »

Docker, Docker CLI, Docker container, Docker container platform, docker enterprise, Docker tools, Modernize Traditional Applications

June 14, 2019, by Steven Follis

At A Glance: The Mid-Atlantic + Government Docker Summit

Last week, Docker hosted our 4th annual Mid-Atlantic and Government Docker Summit, a one-day technology conference held on Wednesday, May 29 near Washington, DC. Over 425 attendees in the public and private sector came together to share and learn about the trends driving change in IT from containers, cloud and DeVops. Specifically,Read More »

Docker, Container Security, Docker contiainer, docker enterprise, Docker Government, Docker Government Summit, Docker Kubernetes, Kubernetes

June 7, 2019, by Katie Strange

A First Look at Docker Desktop Enterprise

Delivered as part of Docker Enterprise 3.0, Docker Desktop Enterprise is a new developer tool that extends the Docker Enterprise Platform to developers’ desktops, improving developer productivity while accelerating time-to-market for new applications. It is the only enterprise-ready Desktop platform that enables IT organizationsRead More »

Docker, docker, Docker container, Docker container platform, Docker Desktop Enterprise, Docker Windows

May 30, 2019, by Ajeet Singh Raina

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